About me

As a North Korean refugee, I understood from an early age that people’s destinies are connected to international events. This website is a collection of my reflections as a feminist anthropologist who has worked for both the UN and the international women’s movement.

I have seen the struggle for human rights in all corners of the world and have met people in urban slums and in UN offices. I urge you to look at the world through women’s eyes to understand why gender equality and women’s empowerment, particularly for the poorest and most vulnerable populations, is essential to our collective good.

The stories in this website also reflect my belief that one needs to understand a wide range of issues in order to shape our common future. You will read essays on ending violence against women and girls, finding the earth’s balance, and claiming the right to social and economic development. Here are the stories of collective voices that are changing the world, glimpses of great women leaders, and many kinds of global citizens.

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